• Tauranga’s Stainless Steel Fabrication Specialists


Paramount Stainless have been building residential kitchens, stainless steel kitchen cabinets and kitchen fittings for many years. Because we custom fabricate everything, we can work with your space to create an efficient & functional kitchen. Through the positioning of your appliances to maximising bench space, we will help you create your ideal kitchen.

  • Kitchen builds/remodels using 3D design
  • Extraction hoods, fans and ducting
  • Stainless workstations and benchtops
  • Shelving – wall mounted or under-bench, microwave and salamander racks
  • Stainless wall linings and panels
  • All types of kitchen repairs, basic or advanced
  • We’ll even panel beat your pots!
  • Custom designed bar fittings
  • Impressive stainless countertops and benches
  • Speed Rails & Ice Wells and custom sinks
  • Glass rack storage modules and support frames
  • Bar kick plates and foot rails
  • Quality Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops
  • Custom Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


There are many bench edge options available to create the best bench to suit your kitchen and the way you work in it.

  • Choose your polish or texture. Each polish gives a different look to your surfaces. Textures give a uniqueness not found in other surface types.
  • You can have a whole kitchen in stainless or mix and match with other surface types. Main benches, islands benches, sculleries or hobtops.
  • We can produce benches in any shape – angled, curved, whatever!
  • You can choose from many bowl options to suit your needs.
  • Waterfall ends are a specialty at Paramount

What will the edge of your Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops look like?

There are numerous options for bench edges. The Square-edge is fashionable and available in any depth from 20mm. All benches can have an anti-spill slope added to them.

Half-edges can be made too – if you like the straight edge but wish it to taper away with a Shark-edge bottom, we can do it.

What type of finish will your Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops have?

There are many different polishes you can have your top in, from the standard rotary brush finish to a high mirror polish, you can create a great look in your kitchen. Paramount has its own range of great Patina Polishes. They are an orbital style and range from matte to mirror.

Pattern stainless is also popular. It gives a unique look and comes in many unique styles.

Random Orbital Polish
Rotary Brush Polish
2B Finish Standard Unpolished
No4 Satin Finish
Linen Pattern
For how to care for your stainless steel benchtop, read our Stainless Steel Bench Top Care Instructions.

Whatever your kitchen needs to spice it up, we can do it!

Because we custom make everything here at Paramount, we can add these fittings to your kitchen without you needing to hunt around to find them. It could be something as simple as kickplates. Often we have been asked to add kickplates to the bottom of kitchen cabinetry to protect it and to keep cleaning easy, or to cover the gap under commercial style ovens with legs.

We make it easy by:

  • Matching the style of your current stainless fittings – if you have certain polish on your oven or fridge, we will match it
  • Working on site. We know you need to use your kitchen so if you need us to, we can work at your place.
  • Helping you decide what can work. If you would like to accent your kitchen with stainless but are unsure of what will work, we can advise you.


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