Why Choose Stainless Steel for your Kitchen’s Drain, Pipe Shelves, or Extraction Hood?

Stainless steel truly is one of the most revolutionary developments of the 20th century. Used in home and industrial kitchens since the mid-century, stainless steel is still a fashionable, functional material for a variety of industrial, commercial and domestic needs. Whether you need a stainless steel drain for your commercial kitchen, a stainless steel extraction hood to add some flair to your home’s kitchen, or stainless steel pipe shelves for organisation in your café, there is no end to the ways you can employ the material in your kitchen and beyond. Affordable, easy to install, and always in fashion, it’s no wonder that it has remained so popular, especially among homeowners looking for easy renovation solutions. For those considering stainless steel solutions for their commercial or residential needs, it is important to know the benefits that stainless steel can bring to you.


A Quick Guide to the Benefits of Stainless Steel

Developed first in Europe in the late 1800’s as corrosion-free steel, stainless steel did not take off until after the Great Depression, and especially in the mid-century when it was viewed as the perfect ultra-modern design material. Since then, various designers have chosen to utilise it in a variety of ways for several applications. Here are just a few reasons why stainless steel pipe shelves, extraction hoods, and drains remain as popular as ever.

Hygienic: Products like a stainless steel drain have proven time and again to be more effectively hygienic than other materials. As stainless steel is so resistant to corrosion and materials do not readily stick to it, cleaning is made easy, and hygiene is maintained almost effortlessly.

Easy Maintenance: Since stainless steel is so resistant to corrosion and so easy to clean, the maintenance of products such as a stainless steel extraction hood or stainless steel pipe shelves is made simple. Stainless steel products remain looking their best with little cleaning effort because its non-porous nature makes it trouble-free to maintain. As such, you save time and energy when purchasing products like a stainless steel extraction hood for your kitchen.

Versatile: The versatility of stainless steel cannot be understated. It can be used in residential homes, commercial kitchens, and industrial setups. From the bathroom to the kitchen, stainless steel is affordable, stylish, and utterly functional.


Where to Buy a Stainless Steel Drain, Extraction Hood and More

For stainless steel products such as drains, hoods, pipe shelves, and more in New Zealand, Paramount Stainless is the go-to for all your needs. We work across residential, commercial, and industrial solutions, offering you a wide range of products. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or opening a new restaurant, we will have stainless steel products to suit your requirements.

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