Acquiring a Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen and Servery from Reputable Manufacturers

In commercial food service operations, three things are of the utmost importance: quality, speed, and cleanliness. Quality comes from hiring skilled staff willing to put in the hard work every day, while speed comes from practice and a well-oiled system that maintains its ability to function under pressure. Cleanliness is harder, and the bane of many a restaurant owner. Struggles to keep these spaces clean aren’t uncommon, whether due to improper staff efforts or otherwise. Whether you’re in the process of preparing a new cooking area, or you’re about to overhaul an existing one, choose an environment that doesn’t work against your goals for cleanliness. With a stainless steel commercial kitchen, meeting lofty goals for food safety is much simpler.

Where do you turn when you decide to rely on a durable, non-porous surface such as stainless steel for a servery? At Paramount Stainless Ltd, we have the solutions you seek. Fifty-five and counting years of experience have given us an unparalleled ability to produce the best quality results to exacting specifications. These are no “off the shelf” options; instead, we customise and tailor our work to match client-specific requests. From unusually shaped prep areas to fittings for the entire kitchen, we have the skills ready to put to use. Here’s how the process of partnering with us works.


The Paramount Difference in Commercial Stainless Steel

First, explore our gallery of completed commercial stainless steel works to see what we’ve created recently. Use this to develop a sense of what we can deliver for your location. Afterwards, make initial contact with our team to start discussing the specifics of your request. Keep in mind that in addition to servery benches, we’re able to provide many other components for a stainless steel kitchen, including:

  • Rangehoods
  • Flashings
  • Drain Grates and Gutters
  • And many others

As experienced steel fabricators, we’ll listen to your needs and create plans for manufacturing all the components you require. Functionality and a good fit within your commercial environment is our goal, and we take steps to ensure that the servery we manufacture for you precisely conforms to expectations. In fact, such is our confidence in the final result that we guarantee our work. Not only can you depend on the durability of the stainless steel equipment itself, but on the strength of our reputation, too.

Arrange to Make a Start With Our Team Today!

With a stainless steel kitchen at your staff’s disposal, deep cleaning becomes much more straightforward — as does meeting the three major goals you have in mind. With a spotless working environment and equipment that can stand up to years of use and abuse, you can focus on outputting high-quality product day in and day out. Keep our versatility in mind, and feel free to ask questions about how you can best outfit your kitchen for success. We’re happy to provide guidance based on what we can fabricate for your business.

Please use our contact form to get in touch today for requesting a quote or further information.