Custom Design

Dressing up your garden or need an eye-catching sculpture?

We specialise in custom made outdoor art. Using stainless steel, we utilise different techniques to colour, shape and texturise the steel to create great additions to the exterior of your home!

See what Paramount Stainless can create for your outdoor space…

Garden Ornaments

  • Full kitchen builds/remodels using 3D design
  • Extraction hoods, fans and ducting
  • Stainless workstations and benchtops
  • Shelving – wall mounted or under-bench, microwave and salamander racks
  • Stainless wall linings and panels
  • All types of kitchen repairs, basic or advanced
  • We’ll even panel beat your pots!

Stainless Sculptures

  • Custom designed bar fittings
  • Impressive stainless countertops and benches
  • Speed Rails & Ice Wells and custom sinks
  • Glass rack storage modules and support frames
  • Bar kickplates and foot rails

Outdoor Utility Tables

The Paramount Outdoor Utility Table allows you to take the messy jobs outside. Wheel the table out, fillet your fish, pot your plants, prepare barbeque food, whatever you want it to do – it will do it Then simply wash the table down with a hose and brush, and wheel it away for storage.

How can it work for you?

Using the fish-filleting example (how the idea came about), you can see the convenience of the Outdoor Utility Table.

Step One:

Remove one side bin and fill with your fish (hopefully it's been a good day).
Replace the bin back on the Utility Table bracket.

Step Two:
Fillet fish on the chopping board and place fillets in the underneath compartment out of the way.

Step Three:
Put all waste into the other side bin and when finished, simply remove the bin to dispose of the waste.

The options are endless!

We have people all over New Zealand using Outdoor Utility Tables for many different uses. Because it is constructed from stainless steel, it won’t rust and is hygienic. So after you’ve filleted your fish, wash it down, fill it with ice and beer, then wait for your fish to smoke on one of our Famous Fish Smokers.

  • Outdoor entertaining
  • Gardening
  • Fish Filleting table
  • Extra work space for commercial kitchens
  • Outdoor food preparation

Versatility doesn’t stop there!

Because we custom build the Outdoor Utility Table, we can make any specification you like. As you can see from the pictures, you can fit chilly bins to the brackets for entertaining, but if you have special sized bins you want to use, we can customise the brackets to fit. If you’d like extra shelving, no problem. Built in drawer? Consider it done – we can do it all