Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Detail

From repairing your pots to a full kitchen revamp,
we do it all at Paramount Stainless

Here at Paramount Stainless, we have been building commercial kitchens and kitchen fittings for 30 years. Because we custom fabricate everything, we can work with your space to create an efficient, functional kitchen. Through the positioning of your appliances to maximising bench space, we will help you create your ideal commercial kitchen. Restaurants, cafes, bars, schools, clubs, wharekai, takeaway shops – we do them all!

What can Paramount Stainless do for you?

Restaurants and Cafes

  • Full kitchen builds/remodels using 3D design
  • Extraction hoods, fans and ducting
  • Stainless workstations and benchtops
  • Shelving – wall mounted or under-bench, microwave and salamander racks
  • Stainless wall linings and panels
  • All types of kitchen repairs, basic or advanced
  • We’ll even panel beat your pots!


  • Custom designed bar fittings
  • Impressive stainless countertops and benches
  • Speed Rails & Ice Wells and custom sinks
  • Glass rack storage modules and support frames
  • Bar kickplates and foot rails

What work have we done?

Some of our more recent work includes:

  • Elizabeth Cafe & Larder – The Harbourside Brasserie and Bar
  • Imbibe – The Flying Burrito Brothers – The Kestrel
  • Bravo – Marble Bar – The Nautilus
  • Encore – Greer’s – Chinatown Fraser Cove
  • Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre
  • Bay of Plenty Polytechnic – Somerset Cottage
  • Global Cuisine Mobile Catering – Kwang Chow
  • Opopoti Marae (Maungatapu) – The Quarry

We have been working with Paramount Stainless for 16 years. Over that time they have done everything from repairing fans, to upgrading extraction, to completely remodelling our kitchens. They are totally reliable and the workmanship is excellent. We have also valued their great advice and technical expertise .

– Jack and Nancy Hogg,
owners of many prominent and award winning Bay of Plenty restaurants, bars and cafes.

Talk to us about our ‘Complete Kitchen’ packages.

We can provide a one-stop-shop for all you kitchen requirements. We can help you select cooking appliances, refrigeration, food processing, chefware, knives, cookware, utensils, crockery, cutlery, glassware, barware, coffee machines…the list goes on! Make creating your new kitchen easy – talk to Paramount Stainless

How can you save Time and Money and keep a more Hygenic Kitchen? Get Legless!!!

Paramount Stainless’ very own Parastrut Bracketed Kitchen System will give you more time, more money in your pocket and the flexibility to modify your kitchen set-up however and wherever you want it.

By mounting the benches and shelving on Paramount’s Parastruts around the walls of your kitchen, you don’t need multiple legs on your floor. The benches slot into the Parastruts leaving your floors leg-free (besides those on your appliances), eliminating the hassle of cleaning around them.

Benefits of a Parastrut Legless System:

  1. Cleaning is easy. It gives you the freedom to mop underneath your shelves and benches without the hassle of legs saving you time and wages.
  2. Your kitchen is modular. Using a Parastrut bracketed system gives you the freedom to change your kitchen layout by moving shelving and benches to fit the Parastrut brackets running around the walls of your kitchen.
  3. It’s affordable. In most cases a Parastrut bracketed system will be a more economical option than conventional systems – you don’t have to pay for the legs!

Ask us how you can save at least $600 per year simply by installing a Paramount Stainless Bracket Mounted Kitchen System How much could you save with a Paramount Stainless Bracket Mounted Kitchen System?

Time to clean around one bench leg to a hygienic standard = 10 Seconds

x Number of Legs in an average kitchen = 36 Legs

=6 Minutes Per Day

x7 Days

= 42 Minutes per week

X 52 Weeks

= 36.5 Hours per year

x Wages paid to clean legs at $16.50 (min wage)

= $602.25 per year!!

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