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Why You Should Choose Tauranga’S Paramount Stainless To Install Your Commercial, Stainless Steel Benchtops NZ…

Here at Paramount Stainless, we have been building commercial kitchens and kitchen fittings for many years in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty. Because we custom fabricate commercial stainless steel benchtops NZ, we can work with your space to create an efficient, functional kitchen that’s the best fit for your situation.

Who you choose for your restaurant, café or bar benchtops is a big decision, and one worth considering for the few brief moments it takes.

Whilst ‘what’s the price?’ is an important question, here are a few others worth asking when considering your supplier and installer of commercial stainless benches.

1. Does your supplier offer a 10 year guarantee on their products?

2. Does your supplier promise that every aspect of the work;
a. will represent quality workmanship
b. offer to fix any problems created by us at no charge?
c. Is your supplier flexible enough to meet your every need and willing to alter the design for you so you are absolutely thrilled with it?

3. Can your supplier offer references from delighted past clients?

4. Is your local stainless steel benchtops NZ supplier offering unquestioned build quality where the legs of the benches will not wobble and the bench top will not flex when chopping or preparing food. Will your benches last the test of time or will you spending valuable time having them repaired or having to replace them within 2 or 3 years as opposed to 10 years or more.

5. Not all stainless steel is equal. Customers believe that stainless steel will never rust. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many suppliers use cheap stainless steel such as grade 430. Lower grade stainless steel will rust so we ensure we only use the correct grade T304 stainless steel for your commercial-grade kitchen fit out. Other suppliers also use galvanised steel legs and also galvanised steel for strengthening the bench which will rust and corrode if it gets wet. This can lead to contamination of your kitchen floor. Ours are 100% stainless steel.

6. We also can offer grade T316 where you want the very best grade of stainless steel so your kitchen surfaces stay looking brand new for years.

7. Will your supplier ensure your job is ready on time and that you are completely happy with it?

8. Will your supplier offer a special Service guarantee?

AND We offer our unique Paramount Stainless 6 Point Service Guarantee

1. Your commercial benches will be delivered on the agreed date
2. We’ll arrive at the agreed time
3. We’ll leave your kitchen clean and tidy
4. We’ll stick to our quoted prices unless you want to change the job
5. You will love our friendly expert service
6. You will want to refer us …
…or we will shout you morning tea.

We also can offer you a Cheaper second quote, as well as our main quote:

We would prefer to supply you our normal high-quality product but if you really want cheap benchtops, then we can certainly give you the option to supply cheap Chinese stainless benches like other N.Z. stainless suppliers available on the market.

You will still get our great installation service and the 6 Point Service Guarantee, but…
…this cheaper optional quote does NOT include…
• high grade rust-resistant stainless steel
• our 10 year product guarantee
• a customised fit to your situation
• any shape, size and configuration (they come in standard sizes and lengths)

So we can provide a low-priced option if none of those features are important for you.