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The Argie Barbie is for those who love to cook outside, enjoy food, and like to entertain. The true name for an Argentine BBQ is ‘Asado’. It is a BBQ by name but not by nature. If you are in a hurry, get out your standard BBQ as this is about taking your time and enjoying the experience.

The Asado Experience

Three main features of the Argie Barbie allow you to experience the leisurely social style of a genuine Asado barbequing occasion. To enjoy wood-fired cooking continuously for several hours, you need to maintain an uninterrupted and adjustable heat source from a charcoal fire. That’s why the Argie Barbie has a separate wood burner, a height-adjustable grill, and fat channeling V grill plates.

Our grill is modelled after traditional Argentinian grills, utilising a timeless design proven throughout centuries. The Argie Barbie allows you to experience this Argentinian age-old tradition at home. Whizz up a chimichurri sauce and enjoy the wood flavoured food of your choice. You will taste the difference.



Hand Wheel

Makes it very easy to control temperature by raising and lowering grill. Embers to hot, just raise the grate, embers to cool, lower the grate or raise grate and bring in fresh hot coals and lower when ready to cook again.

Sloping V Grill

Prevents charring from dangerous fat flare ups by diverting fat along multiple V channels of the grilling plate. Collects fat in tidy drip trays. Extremely durable. Removes fat for a healthier meal. Easy to remove and clean.

Drip Trays

Catches the fat. Easy to remove and clean. Drip Trays can also be used to baste the meat with either the juices of the meat or a marinade.

Brasero (Wood burner)

Burn any wood or charcoal to create embers without taking up space for grilling. Keep loading wood into Brasero to provide a continuous supply of embers enabling you to cook for long periods serving various courses. This prevents you having to build a new fire when the embers die down.

Charcoals fall through bottom of Brasero to provide a constant supply of hot embers. Just sweep across new embers from under the Brasero as required. Cooking embers cause no flare ups at all and no fat fires to worry about.

Prevents smoke tainting the food. Acts as an outdoor heater.

High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

You will get many years of enjoyment from your Argie Barbie.

New Zealand Manufactured

Designed and built in NZ. Extremely durable and spare parts are readily available if required.

Easily Cleaned

Just drop the front door down and sweep the fire bricks clean away the embers. Easily removed grills can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.


Slow it down. Start your fire, enjoy the flames, feel the heat. Grab a drink, invite your friends, call out the family and relax knowing that your grill can handle it all. Meats, chicken and fish… that’s what this grill was designed for. Veggies, sides, appetisers… see what wood-fired embers can do for all your favourites.